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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

@drsweetscakes is offering a great #glutenfree #gf party tray

I'm a real honest-to-goodness fan of Dr. Sweet's Cake Emporium, which I got to know through Twitter and the Sandy Springs Farmer's Market.  Chef Robbie has an awesome gluten-free menu, and I think his baked goods would take the guesswork out of any event.  
So if you need baked goods for your gluten-free loved ones for the holiday, I suggest this.  Heck, I WANT this myself.
From the website:  Thank you for letting me copy your picture

Call us at (678) 607-5959

Thanksgiving Party Tray - Large


$50.00During the holidays we welcome friends and family to our tables. You can ensure that all of your guests can enjoy your meal with our Thanksgiving party trays. Comprised of some of the best fall-themed desserts we have to offer, these trays give you a little bit of everything for everyone, all with the warm flavors of the holiday you would expect to find on a Thanksgiving table.
Each tray is dairy free, serves 15-20 people, and contains:
  • Dozen Over-Sized Ginger Cookies
  • 7" Pumpkin Bread
  • 7" Blueberry Cake
  • Dozen Chocolate Covered GF Pretzel Clusters
  • Chocolate-Cranberry Bark
Our chocolate contains soy lecithin, a soy-based emulsifier. Please be in contact with us to request a soy-free tray. Separate pricing may apply.
Order your tray by Monday, November 21 to guarantee delivery or pickup by Wednesday, November 23.
Three great ways to get in touch with Dr. Sweet's Cake Emporium. Go to  Tweet them at @drsweetscakes.  Call them at  (678) 607-5959. 

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