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Thursday, October 27, 2011

In a Jovial mood

photo via Google Images.  Looks delish! 

It has taken me far too much time to get around to cooking that package of Jovial brown rice spaghetti that was in my pantry.  I'd tried and enjoyed the GF Brown Rice Penne pasta a couple of times since the National GIG conference, but I'd not yet tried the box of spaghetti.

But last night, I had a craving.  And you know what?

This is the best GF spaghetti I've tried.

Let me repeat that.  I have not yet found a SPAGHETTI that I thought compared to old skool gluten spaghetti.  This does.  I defy anyone to notice a difference.

And it's tasty and organic, and gluten-free too?  Oh joy!

Yep. I'm happy about this.

Now, my recipe was unconventional, to be sure.  A recipe of GF taco filling, a small can of salsa, a can of drained black beans, and a full pack (six servings) of Jovial spaghetti.  I cooked the spaghetti by the book, 11 minutes, in boiling water, the mixed the sauce and added the pasta back.  For good measure I added a small package of GF tomato goat cheese. Let it sit for a few and serve.


Like I said, this product has me in SUCH a Jovial mood.  As it should be....

Here are some details about how the Jovial brand came to be, from its press kit:

An open letter from JovialTM founder Carla BartolucciAs our oldest daughter started third grade in a small town in Italy, her class began studying history from the very, very beginning. I was always a good student, but history was not my strength. If I couldn’t see or experience something firsthand, I had a hard time remembering it. I must admit words like Paleolithic, Neolithic and of course, Homo sapiens, yes they all rang a bell, but I began hiding when she asked for help. I thought I would just keep an ear open and maybe at forty, I would be able to learn something meaningful. I never imagined that ancient history would soon play an integral part of my near future.
Italy is full of history and it just so happened that a Bronze Age village was discovered just a bike ride away from our house. The museum displayed archeological relics and a reconstructed village. As we were in one of the huts, the guide showed us where and how dinner was prepared and they had grain displayed on a stone slab. I nudged my husband and begged him to ask what variety of grain that was. Reluctantly, he did and as usual he got the same old answer‐′′they ate some ancient type of spelt.”
It took us a while to discover the real name of this most ancient wheat. Our research led us all the way back to the Neolithic Revolution or roughly 12,000 years ago when mankind transitioned from hunter‐gatherer and started farming so they could stay in one community. The very first crop they chose to domesticate from the wild was called einkorn, the original species of wheat. We also discovered a group of researchers in Italy had been studying the grain for over a decade, ever since scientists determined that Ötzi, the Bronze Age man found perfectly preserved in a glacier in the Italian Alps in 1991, had eaten it for his last meal.

And I truly love this statement:

Jovial believes the purest foods can only come from the purest seed, and their company tenants include promises to:
Rediscover the purest ancient and heirloom varieties of ingredients, replenish supply and transform them into products that enhance nature’s innate goodness.
Honor individuals with food intolerances by sourcing only the finest allergen‐free ingredients to create delicious and wholesome foods they can enjoy with confidence.
Support a network of small‐family farmers by directly contracting and monitoring the growing, harvesting and processing of raw material.
Offer the cleanest and most recyclable and compostable packaging options available, because caring about the environment means caring about the packaging.
Through Jovial products, Carla and Rodolfo hope to bring a renewed interest in the ancient grains and heirloom ingredients of their ancestors, showing the world once again just how Inherently GoodTM food can really be. 

Reently, Jovial introduced Einkorn pasta, too.  I'm not sure if my whacked out tummy will tolerate that pasta, but I'm willing to give it a go.

Of course, now the question?  Where do you buy Jovial?  Well, the website has a great free shipping offer right now.  And it's available elsewhere, like, etc.

Oh, by the way:  if you loved Fig Newtons pre GF as I did, Jovial's fig cookie is as close as I've seen.  Delicious doesn't begin to get it.

Much love,

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