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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Summer of Love" Product Wrapup (Two "Yums" Up!)

My time here in Tampa is almost over, sadly. I have to head back to Georgia this weekend to teach summer school. But just as I've gotten used to my "other house," I have to go back to my "other house."

So as I make the transition back, I'll be off line for a couple of days. Don't miss me and my purple birth control glasses too much, ok?

Before I slogged up I-75, I wanted to report on three GF products that I tried while down here in Tampa this summer. I am especially cautious about buying products with new grains, and at least one of these was a new grain to me.

All of them are great, and if you've not tried them I give them two "yums" up!

Product One: La Tortilla Factory Ivory Teff Wraps

I'm still not sure if my system can handle teff (or quinoa, for that matter) but my buddy Carol in the Middle Ga. Gluten Intolerance Group (shoutout to Carol) tried these at the national GIG conference and liked them. When I found some last week, I bought them specifically to make burritos, which I've been desiring.

These plate-sized teff wraps are really close to a flour tortilla and are GF. Randy and I both thought they tasted a lot like a flour tortilla. It made a lovely burrito , too. The only problem I had was I broke out in a rash within 24 hours of eating this, and I'm not sure if it was the cause.

Here's the recipe for my easy GF Burrito Filling:
One pound ground beef (I used bison meat)
One package frozen corn
One can drained black beans, rinsed
One cup of taco sauce (GF, jarred) or enchilada sauce (again, GF, jarred).

Put frozen corn in a container and microwave, dry, for eight minutes (or buy those Birds Eye steamer brand package that nukes clean). Brown meat, then add half the corn and the can of beans. Top with sauce. Stir until warmed through. Fill the teff wrap and top with GF sour cream, tomatoes, cheese, the toppings of your choice.

Product two: French Meadow Frozen GF Chocolate Chip Cookies

OK, I know most people make their own cookies, but I never have been a cookie baker. I thought this little gem was a keeper. It even passed the "eat one raw" test. AND, since it's a small, controlled amount, and it's frozen, it's easy to apply portion controls. The only drawback is the USUAL GF drawback: It's not cheap. But it gets a BIG YUMS UP!

Product three: Glutino Bagels

A few weeks ago I posted a Breakfast Casserole recipe with the Glutino poppy seed bagel as a base. With one bag, I found they are also good 1) as garlic toast and 2) just as they are, along, with a schmear. I have missed bagels, and I'm planning to buy two bags to take home. They will become a staple for me, I think, like Tinkyada pasta and the Whole Foods pie crust.

Tomorrow and Friday will be spent loading my car with hydroponic produce from Urban Oasis and my new frozen finds from Abbey's and Village Health Food Store (happy third anniversary, Village HFS, and thanks for the 20 percent discount).

Much love, and see you next week!

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