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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dis n Dat...

A few things I've been thinking about in the GF blogging world...

•Cassandra, my Delphi Forums/Blogger buddy, asked me to send you all over to her blog to read about the upcoming additions to FDA labeling laws. You'll find that information HERE. This information is important to all of us in the GF world. Bless her heart, Cassandra is doing a tough battle right now with gestational diabetes, so keep her and the ladybug (my nickname for her daughter) in your good thoughts. (She has blogged about can see it when you visit her lovely blog.

•I don't know about any of the rest of you GF people, but I have been on pins and needles since Shauna James Ahern, the gluten-free girl, announced she and the Chef were expecting Little Bean. A baby is always a happy announcement to me! Anyway, she announced late last week that her scheduled c-section is this week, and she'll soon post pictures and information on Little Bean sometime this week. I love that! If you're as curious as I am, you can find that information HERE. I am so proud to say that Shauna told me she was pregnant before she posted it, and I actually KEPT IT A SECRET. I hope when little bean is older, they will all come to Tampa and we can do a book tour/cooking demo for her there. That's how it all started.

•I'd like to thank all of you who have taken up the cause of Kate and her love's adoption of their baby. I'd especially like you to continue to keep them in your prayers through all this. And you should really read her post. It's very lovely. Kate and I have been making each other cry a lot lately, that's for sure. I am auditioning for the job of Cyber Aunt Ginger. Kate even sent me a magnet she made this week with the name of my blog on it. Love it, Kate (love you too).

•Serious birthday shoutout this coming weekend to my Cyber-bro Gluten Free Steve! . I hope you have the greatest GF celebration, ever! And your card from me is in the's cute. It sings.

•On a personal note: My life is good. I'm blessed with a loving and supportive husband, son, and Daddy. I feel much love from many of you, my friends and blog readers. But without going into details, I am going through something that right now is causing me a lot of pain. It's not health related -- I promise. But if you're putting out those good thoughts and prayers for folks, would you add me to your list. I've got a dilemma that is a classic one. (Yes Julie, it's the same one. Don't worry.)

•OOH! Speaking of babies. Friday I get meet my Belizean nephew, Alexander "the great" Ellis. I've mentioned his mom Angelita, my Belizean sister, before. They'll be in Kennesaw, so I will get a chance to share in some Belizean friends and family. I'm excited! We might make it to the Roswell Outback, too, to have a GF Bloomin' Onion. I am hoping....

OH, and I want to end with a great GF recipe that our Middle Georgia GIG is sending out in a back-to-school Gluten Free news release I am working on. The recipe is a favorite of 9-year-old Bailie, whose mom Sharon is an officer in our GIG. Bailie has been GF a year. And I have to tell you, this sounds great to me! You moms of young 'uns, I think your babies would even like this one!

Bailie's Peanut Butter/Banana/Honey Roll-ups
You need: Two 100% corn tortillas, 1 banana cut in half, peanut
butter, honey. We heat our corn tortillas for approx. 1 minute in microwave
(makes them more pliable and easier to work with), then when cool spread
peanut butter (to your liking) on each tortilla. Drizzle honey over that
and lay 1/2 banana on one edge of tortilla. Wrap and "seal" with the peanut
butter. (Another version - Bailie's Daddy likes these- is to use raisins instead of
the banana).

Much love, and happy dog days of summer!


Cassandra said...

Thanks, Ginger.

I hope everything works out okay for you. **Hugs**

Julie, the mama said...

Your situation remains on my prayer list, which is good since it is a God sized problem.

Kate said...

Just thinking of you.....

Carly said...

Im all over the PB banana roll-ups! They sound delicious!!!! And, thank you for your prayers. We are lifting you up as well and pray that God will give you peace and healing!

Kerrie said...

ooh these sound tasty. do you think fresh tortillas would work?