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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to my baby!

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Today, Jeffrey, my only son and the light of my life, you are 26 years old. Your big party is Saturday at your Dad's house, and all of us -- Me, Randy, Papa, Mary, Debbie, your Dad and your girlfriend Dee, will be there to help you celebrate. A lot of your friends from work will also be there. You've already seen your present -- an electric guitar. You're going to learn to play it at the Service Center where you work.

I'm so proud of you, Jeffrey. I know things could have been different. But I honestly could not have a better son in the world. Everyone loves you. A lot of our readers "grew up" with you, Jeffrey, and they remember watching you grow. But they didn't meet you at the beginning. So here's a little history...

You were born on a Saturday morning in Savannah, Jeffrey, and I remember how scared I was. Your Papa and both Grandmas drove down from Atlanta that morning and got there at 10:16, just before I went into the operating room to have you.
Your Dad and were young then, Jeffrey, and I know we were so worried -- after all, I'd been in the hospital for seven weeks with complications. We didn't know if you were a girl or a boy until the doctor told us "It's a Jeffrey!" at 11:20 a.m. And the first thing you did was pee in the pediatrician's face. I was just glad you were a boy, because I swore I wasn't having any more babies.

That first 24 hours were kind of scary, and I didn't even get to hold or feed you until you were a day old. I know in this picture I look really rough, and you, you're tiny...even if you did weight 7 pounds and 12 ounces. Do I look as scared I was?

I have always loved these two pictures of you when you were just a few days old. One is of you and me. This has always been my favorite picture of us.

And this one, well it really makes me miss my Mama -- your Grandma. She loved you so much Jeffrey. And Papa? He still looks at you that way today, 26 years later. We're so lucky....

A few days before Christmas in 1982 we flew to Germany to be with your Daddy. Here's one of your first pictures in Germany. I love how peaceful you are here.

Here's another cute picture of you around age 7.

And this picture was taken just before we moved to Milledgeville in 1996. It was taken on Mother's Day.

Who's your baby, Julie Boucek?

(Joy and jason, and Jenn, I have pictures of Jeffrey at both of your weddings. I wish I had them here to add now).

Anyway, I hope you have a great birthday today. We'll be celebrating all weekend.

Much love -- all my love really,


Julie, the mama said...

Happy, happy birthday to my first baby! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you, but you better already know that.

Carter - um, did no part of you think to kick my butt when I showed up at your house wearing a Christmas sweater?

I have never seen those first pictures, and I love them.

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful son.

Gluti Girl said...

Happy Birthday Jeffery!

Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

I am about to DIE looking at that picture of Julie in her teacher sweater with long hair!!!! That takes the cake in hilarity.

Jeffrey, happy, happy birthday. You are precious to all of us. I am so glad that you and your mom are a part of my life. I pray that you have a blessed birthday and a special year to come.

The Petersons said...

Happy birthday, Jeffrey!!!

And that picture with JHB in that sweater...I never in a million years would have guessed she would wear THAT sweater! I hope Bill sees this picture!

Gluten Free Steve said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful mother you've got and I know she loves you very, very much.

Anonymous said...

Very nice pic's of the past, I really enjoyed them. Thanks...

Carly & Garrett said...

Im a few days late, but please give the birthday boy a shout out from me and an even bigger hug! Happy, happy, happy birthday Jeffrey!

a kelly said...

I'm a little late with this but... Happy Birthday to Jeffrey from this Canadian blogger!
Love seeing the pics and reading the great memories.
God Bless!

Joyous said...

Another sweet, sweet post. Happy belated birthday to Jeffrey!!! You know I love that fella, he's such a sweetheart. Please give him a hug and tell him Joyce said happy birthday!

By the way, I didn't realize it until I read your post, but Jeffrey is just a month and two days older than me! :) And I love the pictures you posted of the early years. So precious! And you were quite the cute little lady! :) Love you Carter!