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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Help Kate achieve her dream (A Sunday Blessing)

First, I want you to know that Kate didn't ask me to do this. It was my own idea.

Second, this is not something i've done in a year of blogging. But here goes.

Most of the GF community knows Kate Chan from Gluten Free Gibsmacked. I actually am proud to say that I've become good friends with Kate. She, Gluten-Free Steve and I are kind of "The Three Amigos," and we have a friendship that has moved off the blogs.

I actually first met Kate (and blogged about her greatness) when we had a little kerfuffle over at the Delphi Forums Group last fall. Kate trusted me for advice, and, well, we just bonded.

If you read Kate's blog regularly, you know that she and her love are in the process of adopting a baby. As she mentioned a couple of months ago, they are now knee-deep in the process, and we all hope that within the calendar year, their beautiful, loving arms will be filled with a baby from Seoul, South Korea. I can't wait for Katie to be the mommy. I know she, her love, and their pup will create a beautiful home for a little baby who needs someone to love him or her (they will know the sex of the baby before he or she arrives).

This week, this icon appeared on Kate's website, accompanied by this touching story. There's more to the story, as Paul Harvey would say, and let me say, that story convinced me to do this post today.

Kate, Stevie and I discussed this a bit over the past week, and we both encouraged her to tell her story. Now, you must know, Kate is a far more private person than I am (open book vs. wrapped book, actually). But she poured out their hearts into this post, and she explains the enormous cost associated with adopting a baby. It's a cost that she and her love have been literally scrimping for, for years.

I want to help. And I want you to help, too. I'm not good at asking people to give money, and goodness knows, I have very little myself right not to give. But in early fall, I'm going to have a cookbook sale, and I am going to donate what I raise from that sale (matched times two) to Kate's fund, from Randy, Jeffrey and me. Now I love my cookbooks, but I am willing to do this because my friend needs my help, and I can't wait for her to say, "This is Aunt Ginger" to a beautiful little baby.

Kate's good people, as we say in the south, and we all love what she gives to the GF community. This is me urging you to give back to her.

And stay tuned, because Gluten-Free Stevie and I are going to give her the biggest ever cyber-Baby Shower you've ever seen!

Kate, much love to you, but you already know that :-)


Kate said...

OH, Ginger.
Ya done made a northern girl cry.

I cannot thank you enough - not JUST for this post but MORE OVER for your love and friendship.


Julie, the mama said...

Keep us posted on details. Kate sounds like she is going to be an awesome mom!

Joyous said...

Please do keep us posted on the details. I will definitely make a donation to help!!!

Her story hits close to home because one of my first cousins is adopted from China. My aunt and uncle went through very similar circumstances to get her - I will never forget it. The first baby the orphanage gave them was, poor thing, very sick and near death. They hated to, but they knew they could never take care of this child because they feared she wouldn't even make it back to the States. When the orphanage took her back, that very same day a little girl came into the orphanage that had been taken from her grandparents' home by the authorities. Her mother had hid her with her grandparents since birth so that the authorities wouldn't find her - and when they did find her, at 6 weeks old, she was so healthy and full of life. It was by God's good grace that my aunt and uncle had been in the orphanage the very same time that this little bundle was brought in - and then arranged to adopt her. They named her Rebecca Lin, after the lady who was their contact throughout the process with the orphanage.

Rebecca is now 13 years old and the most precious little thing ever. She's truly a miracle.

I pray that Kate and her love will be blessed with the same grace as my aunt and uncle and find the new love of their lives.