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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One day left to save $81 on @Julesglutenfree New-to-Gluten-Free Pack.

This is one awesome deal!

Fair disclosure: we usually give a couple warnings on our epic offers; to give late adopters, as they're called, the chance to grab their bargains. But this time, this may be the final warning, because we're running out of New-to-Gluten-Free Packs!

At last count we had 100 left at our crazy-ridiculous Living Without Magazine price of $49

. We're not too surprised - it's the best price ever on this $130 collection of gluten-free goodness. So for goodness sake, take advantage and late-adopt now, while there is still something to late-adopt!



Easy-Start pack
You don't need to be new to gluten free 
to take advantage of all of this for just $49!


Here's a review of what's in Jules' New-to-Gluten-Free Pack. Note that we've subbed out the rice, poultry seasoning and chili mix with a bag of Jules' brand new Cornbread Mix!


  • The First Year: Celiac Disease and Living Gluten Free by Jules Shepard in paperback  
  • Jules' All Purpose Flour (5 lb. bag) 
  • Jules' Cookie Mix (makes 50-60 palm sized cookies) 
  • Jules' Cake Mix (makes 24-30 cupcakes)
  • Jules' Cornbread Mix 
  • Jules' New-to-Gluten-Free e-Book  
  • Jules' Nearly Normal Cooking e-Book
  • Jules' Cookie-Mix e-Book
  • Jules' Dinner-A-Day e-Book

Contents from Jules' Product Partners:      

  • BiAglut Gluten Free Pasta - 17.6 oz. 
  • Enjoy Life Chocolate Mini Chips free coupon 
  • Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal
  • GIG Information 
  • Glutino Pretzels - 2.6 oz. 
  • GoPicnic Meal and coupon 
  • Living Without Magazine
  • Popcorners Kettle Chips - 5 oz.  
  • University of Maryland Center for Celiac Disease information

Participating products are subject to change.    


You don't have to be new to living gluten free to appreciate all of the Jules Gluten Free products, Jules' books, other information, hundreds of recipes and the great samples of some of Jules' favorite products in this Pack! It's a great chance to snag Jules' paperback, The First Year: Celiac Disease and Living Gluten Free.


Just the book and the Jules Gluten Free products would total way more than $49. PLUS, you'll get free shipping! But not for long. A mere 100 Packs simply won't be kicking around for too many days (we have an office pool for when we think the last one will be claimed...all the guesses are within mere hours of each other).


Thanks for reading. Enjoy what's left of summer!    


Click the arrow below to see Jules' video describing the New-to-Gluten-Free Pack.

Customer Testimonials 

  • "I have been struggling and I am finally finding good things to eat!"
  • "I like knowing that the products have been taste tested by someone whom I trust."
  • "I loved all the samples of gluten free foods that came with the flour, going gluten free is so overwhelming and having Jules' recommendations for food products and then samples and coupons to try those out helped a ton those first few weeks!"
  • "I really like the variety of products- especially the flour- in the pack and the books and cookbooks that came with it."   




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And the fine print...

          This offer is available for customers living in the continental United States only.  Please contact us at (877) 236-3940 with any questions.  

          All Jules Gluten Free™ products are allergy-free (free of the top 8 allergens including, wheat, nuts, dairy, and soy), are GIG certified gluten free, and Kosher certified.  

          Jules Gluten Free™ All Purpose Flour and Mixes are Patent Pending.  All rights reserved.

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