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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

#gf @triumphdining Lady Gaga Goes Gluten-Free

I enjoy this newsletter -- but Lady Gaga?  GAG me!

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Lady Gaga Goes Gluten-Free

The gluten-free community is up in arms about yet another celebrity starting a gluten-free diet. "Up in arms" should give you a clue as to the GF community's take on the celebrity's motives. Last time it was Miley Cyrus shouting to anyone who would listen that “gluten sucks!” and now it’s Lady Gaga’s turn.

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Back to School Snacks

One week from today my kids will be back in school. And that means that not only do I get to come up with gluten-free snacks for their bagged lunches, I get to find things their soccer and volleyball team-mates will happily eat when it's our turn to bring post-game snacks. The TD Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide makes this a whole lot easier.

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Diagnosing the Youngest Celiacs

New research out of Europe indicates that the age of the patient plays a significant role in determining which tests to use: children under two years old, they found, require different tests than older children and adults.

The researchers, affiliated with a number of hospitals and universities in Germany, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands, examined 184 children of up to two years old. Of the 184, 42 had celiac disease but were not following a gluten-free diet, and 142 were a control group.

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