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Monday, April 26, 2010

Ging Recommends! Canyon Bakehouse has lots to offer the gluten-free community

Somtimes around The GFinGF mansion, it's like Christmas. I get packages of goodies I don't even expect.

One such package came after a Twitter party a few weeks ago. The box was filled with sample breads and muffins from Canyon Bakehouse in Loveland, Colorado. I was pleased to receive this merchandise from them to sample. 

What is it about Colorado and the gluten-free market? Some of the best gluten-free food and people I know come from Colorado. I guess that is why I'm looking so forward to my trip to Denver this August.

Canyon Bakehouse has an assortment of breads and muffins that are gluten-free and baked in a dedicated gluten-free facility. The brainchild of Josh and Christi (she has Celiac, so she knows) Skow, onwers, and Ed Miknevisius, master baker and owner, Canyon Bakehouse's goal is to offer present healthy and tasty breads to a market that desperately is calling out for it.

Without question, they have succeeded. Their 35 plus years of experience really show in this product line. 

I want to write specifically about two of their products, the ones that significantly filled a void in my gluten-free diet.  They also have San Juan 7-grain Bread, Moutain White Bread, and Cranberry Crunch Muffins in the line. 

First, the Cinnamon Raisin Bread is absolutely delicious. I made a peanut butter and raisin bread sandwich, and it was good right out of the plastic bag for lunch. The bread keeps well in the fridge, and it is soft and edible when room temperature. Unlike the other raisin breads I've tried (and you know which ones of which I speak) it doesn't require toasting - though it is divine toasted. I am waiting to soon make my favorite sandwich on it -- a grilled cheese and bacon on raisin bread. I just don't have any bacon....

Here's the label with dietary information.

Ah, but it's the Rosemary & Thyme Gluten-Free Focaccia Bread that I think is the star of this line. EVERY RESTAURANT LOOKING FOR A GREAT DIPPING BREAD -- HERE IS YOUR PRODUCT. Honestly, I wish Maggiano's, Carraba's, and all those Italian places would place a bulk order. This stuff is TO DIE FOR. Delicious doesn't begin to describe it. It's crusty and soft in the middle. It's filled with fresh herbs and olive oil. I served it to some gluten-eaters, and they thought it was just like the stuff they usually bought. And yet, it tastes yeasty and home baked in every bite.

I can't say enough about that Focaccia Bread.  I wish I had more of that focaccia bread.  I need to order some of it really soon.

At issue, of course, is where it is sold. I am told it is available at Whole Food Stores across the country, especially in Colorado --  but best of all, it is sold online. The cost is very reasonable -- each product is $4.99, which is very reasonable. You'll find the online order forms here.

The products, by the way, store in the refrigerator very well (I noticed no issues when making the focaccia bread) and they also freeze well.

Kudos and congrats to Canyon Bakehouse for enriching the gluten-free bakery line.

Much love, and focaccia to all...


Gluten Free Steve said...

All the more reason you should just come live out in Colorado!

Tiffany said...

I loved the focaccia and raisin bread too! The nutty texture in the muffins and whole grain bread isn't my cup of tea but glutenoid husband thought they were pretty good. He finished them off for me ;)

Gluten Free in Sacramento said...

Canyon Bakehouse's products are now available on the West Coast too. :-) They're available in Sacramento. California at the Gluten Free Specialty Market, 2612 J Street, #1, Sacramento, CA 95816. Call or check blog for fresh delivery dates. 916-442-5241 or