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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Under Construction

I announced a few weeks ago the great news that Randy is moving to Milledgeville, and that I was in need of changing my blog name. I'd like to announce that my friend Sandra (MarylandCeliac on Twitter) suggested the new name -- Gluten Free in Georgia, Finally!-- as the new name.  I'd actually thought of that myself, and she was the first person to suggest it, so we agreed.  Soon I will send her a GF Cookbook to thank her for that. 

Honorable mention goes to my BGFFF Jennifer Harris for "Dr. Ginga's Wild Ride." I mention this because, indeed, it's about to be a wild ride. And because Jennifer, she really does know me....

I am happy to announce some more changed to my blogs today. 

First, I decided last month that it was time for me to leave the BlogHer network. You'll see I no longer include their ads on my page. I wrote the publisher Jenny Lauck a letter to say that, while I admire and appreciate all BlogHer does, there are some rules in their system I find myself in disagreement with.  One happened a couple of weeks ago, when I was asked not to republish an article, even though I had full right under both Fair Use and Fair Comment and Criticism (by law) to do so. It's their policy this not happen.  I understand that, and I complied.  They didn't censor me -- I just didn't follow their rules. Fair enough. 

As I made this decision, I also applied to be a journalist for Examiner.Com. Their rules are specific, too, but I like that I have a great deal of leeway about the kinds of things I can write about.  I am officially the "Milledgeville gluten-free food examiner."   Please bookmark me and follow my exploits. I'll also be tweeting and Facebooking my posts from there (as I do from here). It's a more journalistic endeavor, which is true to my roots. I like that a lot.

I'll not abandon my blog here -- I've had it too long, I need this space for MY personal vents and fun, and I like to offer a space for candid and thorough product reviews (again, something I could not do on BlogHer because of the ad sponsorship).  But what I'm going to be doing over the next couple of weeks is combining my blog "Ging Recommends!" back into this blog.  I'll keep the crazy format and pictures (Everyone loves my lobstah picture. Of course it stays).

Combining, indexing, and revamping these blogs will take a little while, though.  First, I'll be moving the product reviews over here, and they'll all be headlined "Ging Recommends!" Those will continue here immediately.  

But the look and sidebars and information will be changing.  I appreciate your patience while I birth this new blog baby, or rebirth it, perhaps. Depends on your vision.

I'd like to thank Examiner for picking me (and Jennifer for recommending me) and I'd especially like to thank BlogHer for what it does. I'll continue to be a fan -- Shirley GFE will still be there, after all....she does the recipe work I love so much. 

Stay tuned, folks. It's going to be fun, I hope.  OK, I promise?

Much love, Ging

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gfe--gluten free easily said...

Hey, Ging!--Thanks so much for the shout out! Just saw your tweet today. (I'm still catching up from being away on my girlfriends' trip.) I like your new name. :-) The wild ride one would have been good, too. ;-)

ttyl ... thanks again ... oh, can't imagine how excited you must be to have your hubby in the same home as you! Woohoo!