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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Survey on GF Food, Products

A PR agency friend sent me this survey today. His client, a national company, is looking for participants who will comment on the gluten free food market.

The only requirement is that you live in the United States. (Sorry, Canadian friends...)

He wrote, "One of our clients, who is investigating the "gluten-free foods" market, would greatly appreciate your participation in this survey. Please pass this on to colleagues, acquaintances, friends, or family members who fit
in this category and would be willing to share their opinions and
experiences in an anonymous and confidential manner. It is also
critical that the individuals completing the survey reside in the US as
this is the focus of our analysis. The first 100 responses will be

Double-click on this link to complete the survey:

Your involvement in helping us better understand this important
condition is extremely appreciated. Thank you for your time and

I took it, and except for using the word "wheat allergy," it asks about products, prices, etc.

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