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Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to my baby!

Rockin' the hat!

Goin' to the casino!

Jeffrey's homage to Michael Jackson

Chillaxin' at the mall

Always with his CD player

Jeffrey is 27 today. Oy! I'm old.

He celebrated all last week with Randy and me in Tampa, visiting the aquarium, the Hard Rock Casino, and every Best Buy and Target and mall in town. Tonight he's going to dinner with his girlfriend Dee and best friend Ms. Pam, and tomorrow Papa and Mary are coming in to celebrate. Last night, he had dinner with his Dad to begin the weekend's festivities,

I just wanted to use my personal blog space to mention a couple of things about my dear and only son. First, he continues to thrive at the Life Enrichment Center, and in the last year, he has learned to play the electric guitar. He still loves Dee, but admits to a camp flirtation with the lovely Sarah. And he never tires of sneaking up on Dad Randy, only to scream "Uncle!"

As hard as it is to parent an adult with autism, I wouldn't trade it for the world. And while my friends see their children grow and fly the nest, I do feel envy, but I wouldn't change it.

Here's to many more years of love and growth and challenge with the greatest, coolest, dude in the world.

Much love, always, to my Jeffy-pop!


Carly said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jeffrey!!!

DAL said...

I miss you and Jeffrey--tell him I said Happy Birthday!

Sara said...

Dr. Carter- You have a special son & he is a blessing to many people! So cool that he is playing the electric guitar... Please tell him 'Happy Birthday'...

-sara stone

Julie, the mama said...

Give the baby some birthday love from me. Miss y'all.

tgbryant said...

Tell Jeffrey happy birthday for me! What a sweet post, Ging. :)

a kelly said...

Happy Birthday Jeffrey! May the year ahead be filled with many wonderful moments!
All the Best

Gluten Free Steve said...

What a lucky mom that boy has!