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Friday, April 24, 2009

Try this one, for the Halibut

Heehee. I made a funny. Oh, and it's Friday, so I'm writing about GREAT fish! Starfish Gluten Free Halibut also passed the Ging Taste Test. Even Jeffrey loved it -- we actually fought over the last piece of fish!

Actually, this is an update on the wonderful breaded fish I wrote about earlier in the week, from the wonderful folks at Starfish. I got a handful of questions answered by Eric Larsen, the company's wonderful representative.

For instance:

These fish products are not from China. I know a lot of people are wary of the products from China, but Eric assured me the fist comes from the north Pacific and North Atlantic.

The cost depends on the fish. The halibut, which is mighty tasty, is a bit pricier than the cod and haddock. The cod and haddock run in the neighborhood of $6, and the halibut is about twice that cost.

You can find these products for now at Whole Foods, But there's good stuff in the works...I can't disclose now, but I'll share when I can.

BTW, check out my GF brother from another mother's (aka Gluten Free Steve's) review of this product. See? It's not just me. This product is getting rave reviews!

Oh, and I might just have some coupons available for you readers in a couple of days. Stay tuned!

Much love, and happy Friday!

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