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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh my, Cod!

I was recently offered some samples of the Starfish Company's assortment of gluten-free battered fish, and I have to tell you, I am one happy girl.

I received a sample of all three battered fish products -- cod, halibut, and haddock -- and I just dined on the cod.

Terrific. Simply terrific. If you're one of those gluten-free folks who misses the Long John Silver's style battered fish, you'll love this product WAY more. The fact that it's a careful gluten-free product with a great environmental policy makes me happy to tell you about it.

First, the essentials: a 10 oz package of cod has about three servings at 200 calories and 5 fat grams each, and my pack had seven nice-sized pieces.They are wild and all natural, according to the label. I baked them in the oven at 450 degrees for about 18 minutes, and they were crispy and not a bit greasy. The outside crust has a deliciously seasoned flavor (I tasted a little hint of onion and garlic, and sure enough, there's powder in there). Best of all, the fish is wheat free, soy free, milk free, egg free, with 0 grams trans fats. I can't wait to try the other brands (and will fully report on them, too).

I ate them with my own homemade tartar sauce (Duke's Mayo, dried shallots and sugar free pickle relish). It was a wonderful dinner and I have plenty left for tomorrow's lunch.

I found this information about the product and company on the Internet, and I feel like this would be a product I'd buy for myself.
I like it a lot more than my usual GF fish stick purchase (which I like a lot, too).

I know from some research on other internet sites that this company is very careful to prevent CC issues. You can read about that in this blog post here.

I'd like to thank Eric Larsen for sending these to me. According to the website, though, these aren't available in the east yet. Bummer. And I don't know how much a package costs, though I know I spend about $5 for fish sticks now, so cost might not be an object if I see these at Whole Foods.

But if you're in need of a gluten free quick fish meal, try it.

And rumor has it they're getting shrimp on the market soon. Sign me up for that!

Much love, and enjoy!


Gluten Free Steve said...

Ginger, I am going to post a review this week if I can, as I tried them too and all I can say is WOW! They have a great product and you would never tell they're gluten free.

Jennifer said...

I am really astounded by all these new GF products hitting the market! It's really becoming mainstream, and to think just ten years ago it still seemed fairly obscure.

Also, Hi Ginger! CinnamonQuill here from Delphi, I finished the sign-up page for the food diary project, and wanted to let you know, it is located here:

Gluti Girl said...

That looks really good! It seems like news things are coming out all the time!

a kelly said...

I hope they will be available in Canada too!