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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrifty Thursday -- how to assess savings


Because I worked through my coupon notebook the other day, and sorted my coupons for the next two months, I thought about if being a couponer actually really saves me anything. I want to share today I worked out some pretty special savings on products I actually needed as well as products for my world -famous stockpile.

This was my first shopping trip this month.
So here is my strategy:

First, I go through the store checking the day's markdowns. I found several well-priced organic markdowns for products I really enjoy – silk protein drink, gluten-free veggie burgers, organic cheese. In the back markdown rack, I found gluten-free chocolate Chex cereal still with many weeks before expiration, breathe right strips for a quarter a pack,, and tea. I also found some excellent salami, artisan cheese, a little produce, and even some cocktail sauce. These items were all half-price, And that isn't even reflected in the beautiful receipt attached.
Then there are my manufacture coupons. One thing I dislike about Kroger is it will not allow you to use a coupon on a marked-down item. I would have only saved one dollar more, but it's still a dollar. Best coupon of the week was for Colgate toothpaste – I got three tubes for free. I also saved on frozen vegetables, dishwasher tablets, dish soap, and Worcestershire sauce.

Add to that the reduced weekly sale items. i. bought lunch meat, frozen vegetable Blends, and canned fruit -- that took off another $18.

All in all, I got 58 items for $62 and I saved roughly 60% off the projected total bill, or about $100.

I spent two dollars and two hours to put together the coupons for the whole shopping trip, and I saved a dead president!

If you're wondering how I choose coupons, I do have a strict rule: I will not buy a product that is not gluten-free or healthy, and I won't clip coupon for something I won't buy. I rarely stray from this process.

One thing I did see today that I've never seen before – Kroger sells stalks of celery for $.79 a pound. I needed about three big stalks for something I'm cooking this weekend – they cost me $.18. You really can't beat that!

I was reminded of one thing Today – that idiotic show about extreme couponers has made it tough for thoughtful, frugal couponers like me. I am not shelf clear, and I don't want the store to owe me money when I'm done. I just want the help coupons bring to our food budget. I also think it is unfair that stores don't allow coupons on markdowns. But I'll deal with that another day.

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