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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Would you like (#gf cajun death) FRIES with that? A Review of @Riego products.

Product Review for Riega Products:

Sometimes it takes a while for me to sample things.  After I tried all these wonderful gluten-free sauces, though, I found a novel use for the Pepper Jack Sauce.  I wanted to share this recipe with you. I think these sauces are all great, and I've used some for several years. I shared many of my samples with my friend Doug who is newly gluten free.  I hope he enjoys them as much as I do.

This is a food truck dish.  My husband lives for the food trucks in Atlanta on Wednesday, but I rarely partake because I am gluten free and can't risk cross contamination. It is made by the Rouxd Food Krewe Truck
Here it is:
Pork Belly Death Fries $6
Handcut cajun fries topped with crispy pork belly, pepperjack cheese sauce, pickled jalapenos, and chicharones  They look something like this (from Google Images).

So when he mentioned a dish he saw called Cajun Death Fries, I was intrigued. And I was pretty sure I could do something similar.

It was cajun fried, topped with pork belly, topped with pepper jack sauce, then topped with pork rinds.
So, I took a package of the Pepper Jack sauce and followed the instructions by adding margarine and almond milk.  I made a sauce in the pan with this, then added about a half cup of shredded Cabot Light Pepper Jack Cheese (which was also provided for review.  Yum, but more on that).


Cajun Death Fries

Organic, Gluten Free, Not Healthy. Delicious

1 pound small firm potatoes, boiled and cubed.  I kept on the skin. You can deep fry til crispy if you want, but I didn't. I don't fry much.
1/2 stick butter (or your preferred butter product)
Good cajun seasoning (I used Penzeys Cajun amd Arizona Dreaming).
1/4 pound smoked pork belly, cubed (yes, I had this in my freezer).
The Pepper Jack cheese sauce as mentioned above
1/4 cup Crushed pork rinds (we were out, but I could see how this would be great). 

In a pan, I made a layer of chopped potatoes, butter, seasoning, and salt and black pepper. If you're a spicy fan, add red pepper flakes. Broil for 10 minutes until top of cooked potatoes are very crispy.

Chop the pork belly into cubes and sprinkle on top.  If you don't have it, but side meat (it's pork belly) cubed pancetta, or plain on bacon, and cube then add.  Broil until crispy (about 10-15 minutes).

Make sauce as described above. Add spicer or milder cheese as you choose.
Spread on top and broil.
Add pork rinds and do the same for about one minute more.

If I were doing this for myself, at this point I would have added chopped green onions, and maybe some chopped tomatoes. But since the hubs hates those, I didn't. And I didn't think about jalepenos...

Would I make this often? No. Was it delectable? Absolutely.  Did I get a great gluten-free dinner from it? Oh yeah.

Riega also sent me their new flatbreads, called Les Pains des Fleurs Crispbreads.

Because I can't eat some grains (like large portions of Quinoa and Buckwheat) I shared these with others, but I did try the Chestnut.

Two words: Crostata base

I am always tired of people making great crostata recipes, but now I think I can do anything with these. They are delicious. They warm nicely.  And topped with Ina Garten's recipe for Tapenade, they are rock star solid awesome. I also like them with American Gra-Frutti's Spicy Peachtree Pimento.

Much love, and two YUMS UP!

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