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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

no more #Glutenfree extended menu at Outback in Roswell

A celiac friend sent this to me, and I asked permission to reprint. For four years (yes, today is the fifth anniversary) I've been a proponent of this store. And since this a post by me still shows up -- I feel responsible to my friends and especially to those #gluten free friends.

Here is that post....

No more extended gluten free menu. Bye bye #gf blooming onion. Buns. Donuts.

It was the last reason I still went.

> Hi!
> > The Roswell Outback is no longer any shining star for people who must avoid gluten. We knew the owner who started this wonder. We have been going there every two weeks since he started this menu. On June 16, 2012, we asked for a GF menu at the host stand and were told, "we don't have any here. The server will explain it to you." My husband replied, "That's OK she has the GF menu memorized." > He went to the restroom. I waited at the table.
> When the server came over, his only interest was in taking my drink order. As soon as he had it, he turned away from me to leave. I stopped him to request a GF bloomin Onion. > It was only THEN that he informed me that they no longer have "an EXTENDED gluten free menu". He was very rude and acted like I was a total inconceivence to his evening.
> > The owner is still reaping the benefits of this advertising without actually following thru with anything even remotely close to polite treatment of guests.
> > Out of town guests read this blog and still think this resturant is a safe place to eat and are totally disappointed.

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