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Thursday, June 28, 2012

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American Gra-Frutti News

June 2012


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About Us:

We are a passionately devoted gluten free Bake House creating healthy, decadent and fresh treats. Many of our delicious foods are also dairy free. There are NO trans fats, artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, or preservatives in any of our foods.

We create these gourmet foods for the Atlanta community and beyond. Our gourmet foods are found in various retail locations and can also be shipped right to your door.



Where to Find Us:


American Gra-Frutti Web


In Stores







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In order to continue growing and bringing you even more gluten free foods, we are applying for a small business grant through a program called Mission: Small Business℠. To be considered for this grant, we need to gather votes from some of you in our wonderfully supportive online community. The catch is that the program requires voters to have a Facebook account. If you choose to steer clear of Facebook, please disregard the rest of this box and scroll down for more delicious information.


If you do have a Facebook account and a couple of minutes, we would love to have your support! Just click this link .


Thank you!








Top Ten Reasons to Visit our Bake House


10. Come catch a gRabbit and enjoy our twist on an old favorite. (A gRabbit is a chocolate covered handheld treat filled with our vanilla cake and icing.)


9. Relax at our tables while you enjoy a muffin and a complimentary cup of coffee.


8. Play "count the bunnies" as you browse the offerings in the store front. Children love to see how many they can find.


7. Biscuits- Need we say more? These frozen and ready to bake delights are a must have in any household.


6. You never know what will come out of the kitchen for you to sample! Sampling opportunities range from freshly baked foods to a recipe in the early stages- each day holds some surprises.


5. Peachtree Pimento is available in larger 16 ounce containers. Stock up and be ready for pool side snacks, picnic lunches, and more.


4. It is a great place to meet up with other members of the local gluten free community. We have seen online friends meet in person for the first time over our cupcakes.


3. Adopt some Grammies to take home with you. These dunk-able graham treats are just waiting for you to enjoy them. Each package comes with a dipping cup of our frosting. We hear they are also wonderful with nut butters or simply dipped in coffee.


2. Cajun Crunch is available here! Beat the heat by snacking on this spicy snack mix.


And the number one reason to visit us:

1. No one leaves the Bake House hungry. Stop by, say hello, and see what we have cooking. We look forward to welcoming you.



(For those of you outside of the Atlanta area, don't feel taunted by this list! Remember, we are happy to ship foods directly to you. Our muffins, crackers, cookies, and snack mixes all ship very well! We are incredibly grateful to have such a broad support base. Thank you! )



Dedicated and Certified Gluten Free!


We understand the importance of creating safe and delicious gluten free foods. We have baked and prepared our foods in a dedicated gluten free facility since our early days.


We have taken even more steps to ensure that the foods coming out of our kitchen are safe for those of you living with gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease. We worked with the Gluten Free Certification Organization to get our bake house and our foods certified gluten free. We are committed to making "good food for good reasons."


Marilyn Santulli | 1007 D Mansell Road | Roswell, GA 30076

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