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Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's July already?

This is just a short, quick update. I have a slew of stories and pictures to post, but I've been on the road and pretty much off the computer since, well, since my last post.

I went to NYC and Tampa for two weeks, and I didn't take my laptop. I managed all my email from my phone. And I didn't post on this site or Examiner while I was gone.

I'll remedy that soon -- I promise. But it's a mere 17 days til we move Randy to the land of the Caramel Cake. On July 22, we leave Tampa and head here for good. Our household goods come in shortly afterward.

Next week I head to the Mayo Clinic for a consult. And there's Jeffrey's Birthday, Randy's Birthday, and my Milledgeville house yard sale in between.


Yes, I'm exhausted. But we're almost to the finish line.

Much love, and I'll post much more soon!


a kelly said...

If you're selling Disney World souvenirs I'm there....

Kate said...

MN Mayo??? Or which??