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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving news from Butterball

This is truly a GF Turkey!

I believe the message below sent to me by Megan at Triumph Dining is important, so I'll post it here.

Hi Ginger-

We don’t normally reach out to our fellow bloggers with news (we don’t want to clog your inbox)… But this was really exciting, and I thought you might be interested to know! Butterball turkey now offers gluten-free gravy mixes with a bunch of their turkeys. I think this is super-cool because 1) Butterball is synonymous with turkey, and it’s exciting to see someone so mainstream do gluten-free, 2) as you know, gravy is almost never gluten-free, and 3) the GF gravy isn’t a specialty version, but it’s the default option for some turkeys.

It turns “gluten-free going mainstream” on its head! Instead of having specialty gluten-free options (like Betty Crocker mixes) alongside “regular” gluten-full options, this is a company that’s making the gluten-free option THE default option. Our wonderful blogger, Tiffany, uncovered this story. And we are super-excited about it, and thought you might be too. The full story is here (just in time for Thanksgiving!):

That’s it for us. Hope all is well with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kind regards,
Megan & the rest of the team at Triumph Dining

And Much Love from me!

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