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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Pure Bar (and A Sunday Blessing flashback)

I always love it when I can cross=post my GF blog and my student PR blog. This is another opportunity, at least in the first segment.

The weekend after the Atlanta GF Product Fair, I got an email for the public relations representative for Pure Bars. Paul mentioned in the email that he'd read my blog and read of my use of LaraBars, and asked if I'd tried his company's product, The Pure Bar. This epitomized my public relations axiom, "who is my audience, and why should she care." He cut right to the punch and hooked me immediately.

In a volley of emails, we established that I had not tried the bar, would like to, and would be glad to blog about them if he would send a sample. Now, when I agree to do this and agree to accept a sample, I don't ever know what to expect. But I promised him I'd be honest. That's the most I can do.

But this was a classic example of public relations done right. Paul had indeed looked at my blog, at least enough to know that I do like bars like LaraBars and Kind Bars, so I seemed a possible candidate for his pitch. He also saw that I occasionally review products (I don't solicit products to review, but I've never turned one down. That's my policy so far.) He also indicated that he knew that I would be honest about the product, or at least factual.

A few days later, i got a package in the mail. Inside was a delicious GF product AND a great example of the use of a Flickr Stream for PR purposes. It is from there I pulled (with their permission) the two images I've used here today.

How exciting. I've been wanting to teach my PR Admin class the advantages of Flickr over the other sites, and this will let me know them how a public relations person can use Flickr to load stock images. I am impressed and obviously used this tool.

In a the packet from this savvy public relations practitioner, I got three bars to try -- Chocolate Brownie, Wild Blueberry, and Cherry Cashew -- plus a lovely brochure with helpful FAQs. I also got a beautiful product fact sheet (which I plan to use in my public relations writing class as an example) that showed the six flavors below.

Of most interest to me is the product 1) has no gluten, dairy or soy. I am intolerant of all three. 2) The product is organic. This matters to me, even though I do lapse into poor eating choices often. 3) The product has 4-5 grams of fiber while packing in vitamins and omega-3s.

I tried two of the bars (saving the cherry cashew for a rainy day, I suppose) and I really, really ENJOYED THEM. The chocolate doesn't have the aftertaste that the LaraBar/Jocolat bar has, and the Blueberry -- which I ate while waiting at the airport for breakfast last Monday -- was tart and richly blueberry flavored. I liked it the best of the two. And priced in the $2.20 range, the bar is certainly worth it.

Alas, while in Tampa shopping last weekend at my favorite health food store, I came up empty on the Pure Bar. I checked their very helpful website and found that I can find them at Whole Foods (great, I shop there in both Atlanta and Tampa) and other stores such as HEB and Meijer sell them, too.

OH! And they send me a coupon! I will use that next time I buy these bars. I can't wait to try the Cranberry Orange -- perhaps my favorite flavor combo!

So here's a tip of my virtual hat to Pure Bars, as well as to Paul, the savvy PR Guy for CDI New Media/carryonpr. You represent a great product, and I'll be sure to purchase Pure Bars next time I'm at the Whole Foods near me. (P.S. I think my dear husband, aka the incredible shrinking man, would like the blueberry ones, as they fit in well with his current dietary requirements).


A year ago tomorrow, I had my surgery that determined I did not have ovarian cancer. I can't believe it has been a year, but it has been...and it has been a good one. While I've had ups and down, and medical issues continue to be, well, issues, it has been a great 365. I just remember how blessed I felt last year when we got the all clear, and the support of all my readers. I thank you all again, one year later, for being part of my life.

Much love, and enjoy a beautiful fall day!


Gluten free Kay said...

Hey Ginger,

I'm toasting to your continued good health with my New Grist beer! Here's to another 365 good days, and then another!

I was still eating wheat a year ago and hadn't yet discovered the gluten free blogging community. So I missed your "all clear" diagnosis. Anticipation and relief are my favorite emotions. Glad you got both!

Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

Keep in mind that there is an HEB grocery store on almost every corner here in Texas. I am always happy to send a care package!

Carly said...

I am so thankful that the last year has blessed with you good health and that you are cancer-free!

Carly said...

I am so glad that this past year has blessed you with good health!

Maureen "Hold The Gluten" said...

You are an amazing, strong woman and I'm so glad to have "met" you through our gluten free blogs (and Twitter!). I'm with Kay on toasting to you and your health (hmmm, mudslides maybe?!). :)