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Friday, October 24, 2008

An Outback Update

I got a phone call (an actual CALL!) from Outback Carrollwood after i posted my blog post about my disappointment there. I also sent that to the Corporate Office, so I guess they finally got tired of my complaining.

Don't get me wrong, I am greatly appreciative of the acknowledgment that I got that "Outback is working on its new GF menu." I get that, I really do. And the unit manager I spoke to was very sincere and very nice. He explained that his Outback is testing a new lower-priced menu, for the budget conscious in this economy. Bravo for you!

But I'm one of THOSE GF people. You know, the kind who expects you to live up to your advertising. You know, "No Rules. Just right?" And no updated GF menu means RULES, not right. OK?

Look, I GET IT. It costs a lot of time and money to make a GF menu happen, and it's tough to keep that updated for the GF community. And you're right, you DO have an acceptable GF menu -- MUCH more to offer than say, Applebees, Fridays, or some of the others who don't even bother to try. I suppose I should just STFU and accept what you have to offer.

But as I told the manager (who was really patient and kind with me, I assure you) when you KNOW another Outback can make something as glorious as a GF Bloomin' Onion happen, or can make something as simple as a GF Hamburger Bun happen (it's a frozen Kinnnick bun, for gosh sake. Buy a couple of packs and make a dozen people happy!) it's hard to accept a plain piece o' steak, baked potato and steamed veggies. I can make that at home.

And know what? I will, until you let me know you have your GF Menu Issues up to date. Until then, I'll save my Outback cravings for Julie and the gang at the Crossville Road, Roswell Outback (SHOUTOUT AND THANKS!).

Much love, etc.


Gluten Free Steve said...

At least someone responded to you personally, and it wasn't in the form of a generic response letter. I think too many of us, whether we're GF or not, just settle when it comes to service anymore, and when we get GREAT service, or even good, we're surprised. I think that we should ALL demand good service, no matter what. These folks are in the service industry, for crying out loud. And if they can't smile, be nice, and be geniune, then screw them. I work hard for my paycheck, and I'll be damned if I am going to give it to a company that doesn't treat me well.

dnagal98 said...

I totally agree with gluten free steve! I recently had a problem at our local Texas Roadhouse. In August they had a GF menu and now they don't. Now you are supposed to work with their "management team" - who, by the way, just rattled off what she remembered from the GF menu. I sent an e-mail to the corporate office and received a "thanks for your comments" generic response letter. Can't get much more infuriating than that!