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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Emerging from my orthopedic expedition.....

Though I've dropped several posts on my Tumblr site through the summer, I have been far away from this blog since my last post. To the many vendors and product sponsors, I promise you I'll be making good on my word.  This spring and summer was trying for me -- I knee surgery, then I had two separate hand surgeries in June and July. Typing while writing posts caused me great pain. While I was able to use the voice program for emails and FB, it was difficult to focus on my thoughts.  I had a lot of physical therapy and occupational therapy, and some weeks where I had a doctor's appointment every day.

Not complaining. Just explaining.

I'm writing this to share with my friends and readers that I expect to be back on full time on Sept. 1. I'll be bringing you some cool new places to shop for gluten-free food, new healthy plans and products. and information about regional foods from CSAs, Food Coops, and more.

I hope you'll join met when I post "Summertime, and the livin'was Cheesy," a loving tribute to Cabot Cheeses (I'm on the Cabot Cheese board) and a post about the new Sprouts stores in Atlanta. I'm also going to write about some wonderful spices, some wonderful yogurt bars, and much much more.

There are some who talk about a seven-year itch *or ache.....this blog turned 7 years old August First -- but my absence is due strictly to the fact that I've been overwhelmed with medical concerns. There are some upcoming issues, for sure. They may slow me down.  But writing this in just an hour has really tasked my hands. I will have to stop very soon. But be very sure I love my blog and hope make it work again in the next weeks,

See you in a few.

Much love, and 7 years more.

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