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Monday, December 2, 2013

New Nabisco Rice Thins -- ready for the holidays

Welcome to the holiday party season.  After years of being gluten free, I've come to feel that I don't fit in at holiday settings at all -- whether I'm relegated to the fruit and veggie tray, or I'm told I should consider bringing my own food.

Well hahaha to you this year.  Nabisco has introduced some delicious new Rice Thins crackers, and I have been carting them around with me to make sure I'm the one with the tastiest treats!

Nabisco recognizes it is sometimes difficult for consumers to find a gluten free snack they can enjoy and thus created a product that caters to everyone. It’s no longer difficult to entertain when you have guests with gluten-free restrictions; with Rice Thins it’s easy to satisfy all lifestyles and palates. Rice Thins is available in three varieties:
  • White Rice Original
  • Brown Rice White Cheddar
  • Brown Rice Sea Salt & Pepper.

Here are a couple of things I've used with Rice Thins:

Pick-a-Peppa Sauce on top of a block of light cream cheese.  This is especially tasty with the sea salt and pepper. 

Cheese balls -- I make mine with cheddar cheese, cream cheese, finely chopped green onions, and I roll them in chopped pecans.  Sometimes I make a cheese ring and fill the center with my homemade pepper jelly. This is great for the plain crackers.

Spinach dip is always a big favorite at holiday gatherings -- these crackers are perfect for dipping in the homemade spinach dip with sour cream, mayo, chopped fresh cooked greens, green onions, parsley, dill and oregano.  In fact, I stopped using the packaged veggie soup mix a long time ago,

I think the cheddar crackers are great with small slices of deli turkey or ham. 

These crackers are readily available -- I've found them locally at Publix, Kroger and WalMart.

Here's a link to the nutritional information for the Cheddar thins.

I hope you'll consider trying them!

Much love,

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