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Monday, March 22, 2010

A Resource Guide for the Gluten Free

A week or two ago, I told Lee Tobin at the Whole Foods GF Bakehouse I'd cobble together a list of GF resources for him to share with employees of Whole Foods. I decided to post it here, since it has a lot of resources for anyone who is newly gluten free.

I also ahared with him the awesome "How to Read Labels Handout" that I published here some time ago. This list was written by Jen on the Delphi Celiac Forum.

These resources aren't definitive, and I'm sure I left someone out. Don't be angry if I did. Do me a favor: If you want me to add you to this list, let me know in a comment.

Resources for Gluten-Free Living

Examiner Pages: There are an assortment of GF Examiner Pages available. Most are regional or specifically local, so they often have dining and shopping tips.
The root email address is: Http://Examiner.Com
Jennifer D. Harris at has a hot link to the following list of GF Food Examiners. It’s at the bottom left of her page.
Arizona, Phoenix - Shauna Stacy
Arizona, Phoenix - Rhonda Peters
California, Los Angeles - Allison Hecht
California, San Francisco - Amy Fothergill
Colorado, Denver - Tiffany Jakubowski
Connecticut, Manchester - Kim Hopkins
Conneticut, Hartford - Tinamarie Berger
Florida, Orlando - Amanda Bumgarner
Georgia, Atlanta - Alicia King
Illinois, Chicago - Anne Steib
Illinois, Chicago - Betsy Thompson
Kansas, Kansas City - Marissa Carter
Louisianna, Baton Rouge - Susan Weiss
Maryland, Silver Springs - Clara Ogren
Montana, Billings - Cindy Swa
New York, New York - Monica Rozenfeld
New York, Manhattan - Bernice Mast
North Carolina, Raleigh - Carrie Forbes
Ohio, Columbus - Kimberly Bouldin
Ohio, Toledo - Kristen Palmer
Oklahoma, Oklahoma City - Cara Goedecke
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - Trish Deitemyer
Texas, Austin - Aarika Rosa
Texas, Austin - Jessica Meyer
Texas, Dallas - Kimberly Nies
Washington, Seattle - Sadie Amanda
Washington DC - Sandra Robins
National Examiner - Jen Cafferty


Delphi Celiac Forum is one of the largest, most informed listservs.


Blogs: There are hundreds of GF Blogs out there, but here’s a well-researched list that provide accurate information, advocacy, and recipes. These blogs cover every GF lifestyle, from vegan to full diet. And some offer recipes for other intolerances.
(Hot links are to the right on the bottom column on this blog.)

• Gluten-free Baking with Elizabeth Barbone
• Gluten Free Dee
• Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom
• Celiac Facts
• Delightfully Gluten Free
• Fresh Ginger
• Gluten Free in Georgia and Florida
• Ging Recommends!
• Ginger Lemon Girl
• Gluten Free Bay (Kosher and Vegan)
• Gluten Free Blog Feed
• Gluten Free Easily
• Gluten Free Steve
• Gluten Freedom Atlanta
• Gluten-Free Lifestyle
• Hold The Gluten! offers podcasts)
• Karina's Kitchen
• Gluten Free Gobsmacked
• Mike's GF Blog
• No gluten, no problem
• Sea's Book of Yum
• Gluten-free Girl and The Chef
• Simply Gluten Free
• Simply Sugar and Gluten Free
• The Celiac Shack
• The Gluti Girls
• Wheatless and Meatless

Tried and True GF Products -- MOST sold at Whole Foods!

• Bob's Red Mill
• GLOW Gluten Free Cookies
• Gluten Free Cookbook Reviews
• Gluten-Free Mall
• Pamela’s Products
• KIND Bars
• Glutino/Gluten-Free Pantry
• Larabar
• Starfish Battered Fish
• Tinkyada Pasta
• Udi's Gluten Free Bread
• Penzeys Spices

Diet, Health Guidelines, Articles, and Advice
• NFCA Celiac Symptoms
• Triumph Dining Guide
• National GIG Home Page
• Flour mixes for everyone!
• Do YOU have Celiac Disease? (From North Texas GIG)

Finding gluten-free resources on Twitter
Use the hashtags #gf #gluten-free #celiac #coeliac #autism #allergy and you’ll find the folks who are tweeting from a gluten-free frame.
I'm the ever controversial GingerCM btw...

Top 10 Gluten-Free Facebook Pages (via Maryland Celiac)

1. Enjoy Life Foods
2. 2. Gluten-Free by Dr. Peter Osborne

3. The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

4. Celiac Handbook

5. Kinnikinnick Foods

6. Live Gluten Freely by General Mills

7. Karina’s Kitchen

8. Gluten-Free Girl

9. Gluten-Free on a Shoestring

10. Gluten-Free Houston

Maybe this will help you expand your gluten-free horizons!

Much love, and click away!


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