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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There's a new giveaway on Ging Recommends!

So mosey on over!

Much love,

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a kelly said...

Dear Ging,
For some reason I am unable to post a comment on your other I hope you will include me on the draw! If I win I would give it to my gluten free "angel" Ana. She has that elusive baking gene...oh my does she ever! She used her bread machine to make me cinnamon bread and it was amazing. She used an El Peto mix but I know she'd love to try some of those recipes and make her own mix. For our Canadian Thanksgiving on the weekend she made me turkey stuffing, mini pumpkin cheesecakes, and orange/apple cranberry sauce...all GF of course. She's the one who said "have you ever thought about going gluten free...???" I love that girl.