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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A slice of heaven...

A review

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I love Moondance Heavenly Desserts

When Shelley Ritchie of Moondance wrote and asked if I'd like to try her products and write about them on my blog, I said yes. I'm always willing to try new products! Considering I live where I do, it's a real blessing to get samples.

But oh Shelley, your products are the most aptly named products out there in gluten-free land! They are a real slice of heaven. And they really do have a home-made taste.

Heavenly. Simply Heavenly.

Moondance Heavenly Desserts is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and sells its products in Whole Foods in the mid-Atlantic states (Kentucky, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Missouri) as long as some other outlets. The mini-cheesecakes are also available for sale through Gluten Free Mall. Mine arrived frozen, and I thawed them in the fridge before eating. (OK, I admit that I ate the second brownie half frozen.)

I tried two kinds of Moondance's brownies -- one plain, and one walnut. See the picture? it doesn't lie. Those brownies are huge, decadent squared filled with dark chocolate. There's the slightest little crispy crust on the top, but the middle is dark and fudgy. One brownie is really large enough to feed two people (or four, with ice cream!), and each brownies serves three for 210 calories each serving.

Not that I shared much.

Randy had part of the plain one, and he (a huge chocolate fan) said there was NO WAY it was gluten free. But it was. Moondance prides itself on independent testing to show its products are truly GF, baked in a dedicated facility. Shelley took up gluten-free baking when she was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and because she didn't like that stuff that was available commercially. Moondance has grown since.

The mini cheesecakes. AHHHHHH. I tasted three, and each one had a distinct flavor. Randy and I shared the Butter Toffee, but I slurped down the creamy, rich Raspberry Ribbon one by myself, Oh my! Even the Traditional flavor was delish. All three had a crispy GF crust (what's a cheesecake without the crust, I beg of you?) Moondance also sells whole cheesecakes,

I understand from Shelley's communication with me that some of the cheesecakes are available in places like Maggiano's Little Italy in St. Louis. THAT would almost be worth a trip to St. Louis for me (I also love Maggiano's).

And honestly, Shelley, I'm glad we put aside our Georgia/Georgia Tech rivalry. I just wish YOU were still in Georgia! Because this is food worth a special trip.

I hope you'll visit the website and try these awesome foods. They're, well....heavenly!

Much love, and I wish I had tried the Blondies! (Some day...)

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Julie, the mama said...

The packaging alone is enough to make me want to try them. Thanks for the heads up. I'll look for them at Whole Foods.