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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The strange after Christmas days...

I have been catching up -- on sleep, mostly -- since Randy's brother left Christmas day. I've had a horrendous case of bronchitis, and I didn't do the math until yesterday when I realized it has been two weeks since I first got that sore throat. I feel almost human today. But I was on the go and sick for two solid weeks, including the entire time Ron was here. And I never really slowed down.

I thought I'd share with you a quick, easy recipe for those after-Christmas days. We are plum full up of leftovers, and we'd had out fill of rich food. With me trying to cut my portions sizes in half, it has been a challenge.

So tonight I made drunk chicken, with a twist.

Drunk Chicken was my friend Susan Holmes Brown's (from Mississippi) recipe in graduate school. She would make it for "company," so I enjoyed it at her apartment a couple of times. I always found it comforting.

Drunk (Garlic) Chicken

One half chicken breast for each person, up to eight halves
One can GF Cream of Mushroom Soup
1/2 cup dry white wine
1/2 cup sour cream (light is OK)
6-8 smashed cloves of garlic.
Salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash garlic herb seasoning, and Tony Chachere's

Season breasts with seasoning of choice *but season them well. Lay in a casserole dish and throw the garlic cloves around the breasts.

Mix together soup, wine and sour cream. Pour over.

Bake at 375 degrees for one hour and 10 minutes, basting once or twice (but it should cover the chicken). Let sit for 10 minutes out of oven before serving so juices gather in the chicken. Place chicken on plates and smash soft roasted garlic into the sauce, stirring briefly. Spoon sauce over chicken and rice.

Serve with rice (we used Minute) and a fresh steamed green vegetable (if you have one around.)

OK, I leave you today with the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me in a grocery store. Yesterday we were buying sodas in Publix, and after Thanksgiving, I'd noticed that the turkeys were marked down. So I looked yesterday and sure enough, the Butterball Fresh Turkeys were about 39 cents a pound.

Me: Holy crap, Randy. This turkey is just $3.95
Randy: Do we want one?
Me: (silence, thinking about work involved and lack of freezer room)
STRANGE LADY TO MY LEFT: You can raise a turkey for less than $3.95.
Me: (looking at her doubtfully but not saying anything...)
SLTMY: Really. You can raise a turkey for less than $3.95. (She wanders off toward produce.)
Me: Confused and surprised, I move away from the cheap turkeys toward the deli section...

CURTAIN on Theater of the Non Sequitur

Much love, and more later...I want to share my Christmas Prime Rib rub and recipe....


Gluten free Kay said...

You know I've been doing my chicken research, and I don't think I can raise a chicken for less than $3.95. Wonder if I could move a turkey into the chicken pen without any clucking complaints . . .

AmyAnne said...

What?! Who wants to raise a turkey? Can you imagine...Me to my HOA, "Don't worry, the gobbler will be gone by the end of November. I thought it would be cheaper to raise my own turkey for Thanksgiving this year."

Your drunk chicken sounds great! I think it will be a staple here, for sure.

Thanks for your blog. I'm looking forward to discovering more of your recipes!

Julie, the mama said...

Still laughing about the turkey lady. And it's been 10 minutes since I read your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Glad you are feeling better.