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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide, 2008-2009

A Review

Triumph Dining (
The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide, 2008-2009.

I tend to be a notebook keeper -- I get a three ring flat binder, print stuff out, and punch holes in it. I have kept my GF food stuff lists and diet information in such binders, and I have urged others on the Celiac website to do this, too.

But thanks to the wonderful Truimph Dining folk. I can relax just a little -- we know eating out is risky, and I won't ever let my guard down, but this book is a great help!

A few weeks ago, a lovely young woman named Jennifer O'Neill asked if I would like to review a copy of the guide. She sent one along, along with a set of dining cards. Happy Days! I am so loving this book and the cards. If only they had one in Portuguese...

First, there are a whole lot of places listed in Atlanta that I simply didn't know about. For instance, there's Twist in Phipps Plaza. I love that place! They note they're very GF friendly, and the chef is willing to work with a GF diner. I personally found that to be true at Twist's sister restaurant Prime at Lenox Square.

One really handy thing is in the back -- the round up of GF menus. In Tampa, for instance, we eat at First Watch occasionally, so it's nice to see their menu included.

I know I'll be using the guide in August when we go to a conference in Chicago. in addition to the place that Steve has already scoped out, there's a great list of not-your-typical chain restaurants.

It's worth a read just to reassure the GF diner that a good GF meal can be had with clear communication and good strategy. I try to use that (and Lord knows, I fail. See Sunday). But the book has such a reassuring, positive tone. I really like the info, and I will now assure "newbies" that it's a logical purchase.

Jennifer said they found out that my favorite Florida restaurant, Lee Roy Selmon's, was GF by reading here. That makes me happy, since it has a dedicated GF menu and it's one of the tastiest and my most trusted place to dine.

I have a couple of suggestions, of course. J. Christopher (a national chain) is not listed, but like First Watch, it has plenty of good things it can offer someone on a GF diet. There's a referral guide in the back, and I plan to use it often to recommend new places. As the number of those who eat GF increases, it only makes sense that the size of this book should grow.

Thanksfully, IHOP is not present. Neither is Applebees. But Steak and Shake is there. So in Mimi's Cafe. Plus lots of great local places.

Jennifer, thanks for sending me the guide. I'll use it, and I'll be a resource for my friends with it at hand. The cards are going in the purse. The book will be with me when I'm on the hunt for a good GF meal.

Much love, and happy eating out, which can be risky...


Gluten Free Steve said...

Ginger - I got my review copy yesterday and have been pouring through it. I plan on posting my review in the next day or so. It's a great book!

Julie Garmon said...

As far as GF near Atlanta, try Pizza Fusion. Incredible pizza!!